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Creating Your First PBN Blog

LAST UPDATE: September 2017

Congratulations! You bought your first aged domain! And you’re probably asking yourself… now what? Well, once you’ve setup your hosting and installed WordPress, you have to decide on how to best utilize the domain’s authority.

Rebuilding URLs

The best option is to rebuild the strongest URLs with content or a custom 404 page that links to the homepage. In the past you could also use redirects to homepage, however because of the Google algorithm updates that is now highly unadvisable.

rebuildurlUse Wayback machine to find all URLs and content that was on them. An example of these would be:


Now check Majestic for the strongest subpages.

While WordPress does allow you to change your post permalinks text, it will not allow adding of special characters or extensions into the URL. For that you will need to use a plugin like Custom Permalinks to recreate the exact URL.

Adding Content

newsWhen possible, continue the same topic on the blog as it was before the domain expired. If it’s not, repurpose the blog to whatever you need at that moment.

The next thing to decide is what to do with content on your blog. You can:

  • create a few-page website and add links to your homepage,
  • create a blog on the homepage and add link to individual blog posts.

If you’re starting out, go with a blog since you’ll be able to use it more and post more links. The first option is mostly for really competitive niches where you only use a few homepage links.


You can write your own content, outsource it or use content databases.

Always keeping in mind…

You don’t want to be doing the same thing with all your aged domains. Try and test different things and track the results.

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Four Different Types Of Domains In Your PBN

LAST UPDATE: September 2017

Private Blog Networks are usually built upon expiring domains bought from auctions. But there are three more options you can consider, based on your budget.

Existing Websites and Domains

There’s no need to wait for domains to start expiring. You can also look into website auctions and buy live websites or even send direct offers to website owners. Same goes for domains. It does take more research but you can get some real gems this way.
websitePlaces to start looking:

Expiring Domains on Auction

This is the most common way to build your PBN. Go to a website that filters expiring domains and start browsing. The main problem with this method is that everybody is looking for domains for PBNs this way so you’ll find domains going for way more than they’re really worth. Still, if you browse for domains daily and keep an eye out, you can still find very good domains for solid money.

With auction domains you’ll need to pay the auction price + renewal fee.

Websites that sort expiring (and dropped) domains:

Dropped/Deleted/Non-Registered Domains

You can find these domains by scraping authority websites to discover to which non-registered domains they link to. Then check all other metrics (PA, DA, CF, TF) and still alive backlinks that point to this domain.

You can find these domains with the Xenu Link Sleuth method, scrape them on your own, buy them from domain brokers or regularly check for daily dropped domains.

Dropped domains lose age authority (their “registered date” was reset) however since the backlinks to them are still alive, they still pass authority.

A few popular domain brokers:

New Domains

The last option is to buy completely new domains. This way you will not get any authority but you can choose a more keyword-appropriate domains. You will however need to also build links to this domain. This makes sense in very few cases.

Which should you buy?

If you have a big-enough budget, go for live websites, expiring domains and good dropped domains. The better domains you get, the easier it will be to rank your money sites. If you’re on budget, go for dropped domains but keep in mind to do research well.

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