Monthly Archives: November 2014

WordPress Critical Security Update

You might have noticed yesterday that WordPress released an important security update and has urged users to upgrade ALL blogs immediately.

Our system already did that for you… so just sit back and relax. :)

Though, if you have any blogs on any other hosts, you should definitely go and update each blog right now.

If you don’t want to keep doing that, upgrade to an Easy Blog Networks plan with more blogs!

Simplified Add Blog form

I did not like our default Add Blog form from the beginning… it was just too big.

And as my about says on the homepage:

He makes sure customers have the best experience possible and battles with the devs on how the user interface should look.

So I did just that. :) The main goal was to simplify new users’ experience with adding the first blog and de-cluttering the whole form.

Old Form


New Form





We’re also working on blog templates so you’ll be able to choose a default selection of plugins and settings without opening the above dropdown.

Stay tuned for more awesome updates!

Import Existing Blog Feature Online

After weeks of fighting with import we’ve finally got it working. The feature might not work for everyone at all times as it depends a lot on your existing hosting provider and their security setup.

Try it out and let us know how it goes. If you have any issues, just send us an email.

Instructions on how to import your existing blog can be found in our help center.

Other things done in the last few weeks:

  • major stability and bug fixes,
  • downloadable latest backup from the blog info page,
  • automatic disabling of problematic plugins (you’ll be notified in the Activity log).