Your Questions and Issues Addressed

We’ve received a lot of feedback on our survey and I wanted to address a few common questions below.

Missing cPanel Features

Only 40% of current respondents said they miss features from cPanel – which in our opinion is a very low number since most people use cPanel on a daily basis. Below I address some of these issues and questions which will, hopefully, get that percentage even lower.

File manager for disabling plugins, downloading backup files, etc.

Unfortunately we cannot provide a file manager since that would open too many security and performance issues. However, we will add a ‘Disable All Plugins’ button inside blog info page to resolve any crashes plugins may cause. We’ll also put links to downloadable backups on that same page.

Create email forwards

This is a feature we’re already working on and will have it ready very soon.

Allow HTML sites, custom scripts

Currently we support only WordPress but we plan on providing other platforms for you to build your blogs on. We will not allow custom uploads due to before mentioned issues with security and performance.

Adding New Plugins

We’re working on a new feature where you’ll be able to add any kind of plugin directly from WordPress repository before we deploy the blog.

Notes Field

For those who have not seen this – you can add notes to every blog. Open the blog info page, and on bottom right you’ll see ‘Edit’ button. Click it and write your notes.

Moving Existing Blogs to Easy Blog Networks

Some users expressed wanting to move sites to EBN from other hosts. We call this import feature and it’s already in the works and will be ready soon.

Addressing Any WordPress Crashes and Issues

While most people are not used to their hosting taking care of their WordPress installation, in the case of Easy Blog Networks, it is our job. So if you have any issues with your WordPress installation, let us know and we’ll help you resolve it.

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