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Content Module Launched – Published Articles From Just $0.04

Autopilot content publishing has been in our plan since the very beginning of EBN. A month ago we launched the beta version and received very good feedback.

In this last month we did a lot of improvements to make it even better and today we’re officially launching Easy Blog Networks Content Module!

Easy Blog Networks - Content Module

In the spirit of our EBN platform, we made everything as autopilot as possible. You only need to enter a few keywords, select a few options and you’re good to go!

Best of all – you get an article, spun, with rich text and video published from just $0.04!

>>> Read more about EBN Content Module


Easy Blog Networks System Update #12

More than 90 days have gone by since the last update and since then we’ve added more than 1500 blogs to the platform, now at a total of more than 5000 blogs! We have some awesome new features coming up in the next few weeks so just a quick recap of the work we’ve been doing in these last few weeks.

Things done:

  • Over 200 issues resolved.

Things in progress:

  • Content module.
  • Blog analytics on blog info page.

Things on the to-do list:

  • Easy Blog Networks API for use by third party apps.
  • Blog presets so you don’t have to enter the same settings every time you install a blog.
  • Better domain monitoring with expiry notifications.
  • Automatic DNS changes at your registrar.

For any suggestions and comments, let us know!

Survey results and new features

Thank you again to all who responded. We now know a lot about you and what you’d like to see from us. This will enormously help us with future development.

Here’s the results of the features question:

survey results

  1. Leave new features, give me more IPs!
  2. Blog analytics (unique visits, top referrers, top pages, top countries)
  3. Better domain monitoring with expiry notifications
  4. Automatic DNS setup with NameCheap, Dynadot and GoDaddy
  5. Blog presets (preset settings, plugins, themes for new blogs)
  6. Automatic download of backups to Dropbox

Based on your answers we’re focused on getting you more IPs as soon as possible. Next thing we’re going to do is add blog analytics to the blog info page. This will require a redesign of it which will then also allow for better domain monitoring.

If you have any feedback at any time, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Answers to some of the questions in our survey

Updated 2015/06/10

Last week we asked you a few questions in our survey. First of all thank you to all who responded.

There were some questions in the comment fields which I wanted to answer in a blog post.

Your Questions and Comments

The ability to install on www.

You can do that already. Please see the help center article on the topic.

I’d like to see the capability to FTP a website that’s not a WordPress blog.

We are focusing on being the best automated WordPress hosting. Therefore we don’t have near-future plans for anything other than WordPress. We also don’t allow FTP due to security issues. Most users find an alternative that does not need FTP.

More training, guides etc.

We’re working on a training page with more links and resources.

Ability to setup subdomains.

While this is already possible (you’re looking at which is on our service) it’s still in beta since our DNS check can’t yet confirm third party DNS. We’re working on that and once we have it ready, this will be an officially supported feature.

If you’re not annoyed by notifications, you are free to use subdomains (keeping in mind you need third party DNS hosting to direct the subdomain to our server).

Allow for uploading our own themes.

You can of course upload any theme through the WordPress Theme upload screen.

Add feature to restore files to blog with one click.

Downloading files from and then preparing them for WordPress is a really complex and time-consuming activity and really hard to automate at this point. There is a service that will do that for you.

Content posting as an add-on would be really cool.

Content module is already being tested by some of our users. See this blog post.

Would like to see more plugins to add to blog.

This would be supported with the blog presets. It would allow you to add any plugin from to a preset.

Make your platform work with Peter Garety’s system.

Currently there are over 150 blogs running Peter’s Dashnex plugin and very few have any issues. If you are one of them who does, let us know and we’ll find a solution.

Other platforms other than WordPress.

While we have plain HTML planned down the line, at this time it’s way to early to tell when and how that will look.

I am still looking for services where I can buy really good domains from.

You can now purchase full PBN setup from us. And you can check The.Domain.Name for over half a BILLION expired domains. You’ll have to email them for a signup link though since they’re not officially launched yet.

And thanks to all who sent us kind words!

Dude you guys have totally given me a chance to set and forget a lot of this PBN craziness! I love it! I’m recommending the service to anyone playing around with PBNs

We love to hear things like that so keep them coming. ;)