Monthly Archives: January 2016

Easy Blog Networks: Year 2015 In Review

It’s been an exciting year for us here at NiteoWeb. EBN started the year as a newcomer in the industry and came out as the preferred option for hosting Private Blog Networks. It’s been an exciting ride and we’ve learned a lot in the process of building an awesome platform we’re really proud of.

Here are some stats for the year:

  • 1895 tech tickets closed,
  • 6763 support replies sent,
  • 27 blog posts published and 52 comments posted by visitors,
  • 635 done-for-you PBNs and blogs created,
  • ended the year hosting more than 13,000 blogs.

Big thanks to everyone who joined in 2015 and to everyone who trusted us in 2014 and are still users. Without your encouragements and some really heart-warming praise, EBN wouldn’t be as good or as fun to work on as it has been.

Here’s to an awesome 2016 and helping you build your SEO business to even greater heights!