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Advanced Footprints Series: default server webpages

LAST UPDATE: August 2017

404In this series of blog posts, we’ve been looking at various ways in which servers present information which can be used by search engines to uniquely identify them. That is, they leave footprints, often very obvious ones. Here at EBN we take quite a few steps to make sure that the servers hosting our WordPress blogs don’t stand out from the crowd.

So far, we’ve talked about Server headers (these usually present the software powering the webserver, most commonly Apache), X-Powered-By headers (the technology running WordPress, usually a version of PHP), and ASN numbers (these are used to pinpoint the company hosting the server).

This time we’re taking a look at common server default pages which are returned when we enter a server’s IP into our browser. These are default pages which servers toss up when something’s gone wrong, like when a user clicks on a broken link (meaning it links to something that doesn’t exist, usually because a webpage has been moved or renamed) or a link meant for someone who is logged in to a specific service.

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Easy Blog Networks Update #18

Finally an update after two months and we’ve done an enormous amount of work. Let’s go through it.

On the to-do list:

  • More hosting providers, DNS providers and more IPs.
  • Blog presets so you don’t have to enter the same settings every time you install a blog.
  • Automatic nameserver setup.

Easy Blog Networks now supports HTTPS on blogs

What an exciting week! After Blog Health, we just published another amazing new feature – HTTPS support.

httpsWith the big push toward secure connections everywhere, HTTPS is becoming more and more important and Google started using it as one of their ranking algorithms almost two years ago.

Besides that, now automatically adds HTTPS to all their blogs and consequently the number of total WordPress blogs under HTTPS has jumped significantly.

We’re launching HTTPS support for blogs owned by our power users (Agency plan and above). Based on the feedback, we’ll roll it out to more users in a few weeks.

There are currently three options available:

If you’re an Agency or Enterprise user, go to our help center and request HTTPS on your first blog.


New Feature: Blog Health

We’re unveiling a very exciting feature – Blog Health. Blog Health takes everything we know about why blogs get deindexed and shows you what you need to do to avoid deindexation.

blog healthAt the moment Blog Health will check for:

  • Low number of blog posts:  less than 10 posts after 30 days from creation date.
  • No recent blog posts: no post in last 30 days.
  • Low number of comments: less than 5 comments after 60 days from creation date.
  • Too many redirects: too many 301 redirects.

When everything is calculated, it will show you a Health Bar – green, orange or red. We’ll be analyzing wrongly diagnosed deindexed blogs (with green bar) and improving our algorithm.

See how to resolve reported issues in our Help Center.

Let us know your thoughts!