Free Rebuild Pages From Majestic Plugin

LAST UPDATE: March 2019. We learned that Majestic now requires a subscription to get the page data. We are researching for alternatives.

majestic-logoThe last major update targeting PBNs started penalizing too many 301 redirects. The most common usage was having a “redirect all 404 errors to homepage” plugin. Since then we advise against using this kind of plugins and rebuilding URLs and pages instead.

To make the process easier, we built a plugin which will automatically rebuild URLs with backlinks directly from a Majestic CSV export.

Rebuild Pages from Majestic

You can use this plugin even if you don’t have a subscription to Majestic. Go to Majestic’s Webmaster Tools and verify your site (use plugin Add Meta Tags). Then click the gear icon and under Site Explorer click Pages.


In top right corner of the table click Export Data and choose CSV.

Go to your WordPress blog and install plugin Rebuild Pages and open it in the Tools menu. Select the minimum backlinks to rebuild a page (we recommend at least 1), choose CSV and click Rebuild Pages. Make sure to keep the plugin active even after import.

If you have only two pages to rebuild, it’ll be easier to do it manually. However if there are backlinks pointing to hundreds of pages, then this will speed up the process quite a bit. Keep in mind you still need to manually add content to these pages. 

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Let us know in the comments what you think!

Would you like to see more plugins?

Is there any other plugin you’d like to see us create? If there’s a plugin you commonly use but it causes issues or if it’s something you’d like to use but can’t find – let us know in the comments or contact us.


  1. Good stuff Dejan, going to try it out now. :)

  2. I have a problem when trying to create the pages with your plugin. The error I get is: “Please install and activate the Custom Permalinks plugin before using this plugin.”

    I have installed the Custom Permalinks plugin, but it doesn’t work. Is there several plugins with the same name? The link to the Custom Permalinks plugin in your article, points to the Rebuild pages plugin.

  3. Hey Dejan, I do not find the plugin Rebuild Pages at all. What shuold I do?

  4. Hey Dejan,

    I like the plugin. Thank you very much for that. I am interested in your opinion about the following topic. Lets say the PBN Domain is from the “Car” niche. But my whole PBN and my money sites are about Health. Would you suggest to rebuild the good URLs with backlink + put the old content on it (also if its not niche related -> Car -/- Health) or would you suggest to recreate the old URLs and put new content (in this case: Health) that fits the niche?


    • I would put new content with a twist so it fits both niches. In your example it could be something like “How dirty car affects your health and what to do about it”.

  5. Hey Dejan,

    Does this only work when hosting a site on Easy Blog Networks?

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