Monthly Archives: January 2017

Easy Blog Networks: Year 2016 In Review

It’s been a year of scaling for us at EBN. We’ve improved *a lot* of things under the hood so we could keep growing without major issues. We’ve added new features (Blog Health and Automatic Nameservers), and offered bigger IP packages.

We’ve also continued our Advanced Footprints series that helped many people understand the inner workings of how an algorithm could find footprints.

Here are some stats for the year:

  • 11,637 tech tickets closed (614% more than last year),
  • 17,769 support replies sent (262% more than last year),
  • 22 blog posts published and 75 comments received,
  • ended the year hosting more than 45,000 blogs (346% more than last year).

We’ve also seen the deindexation rate go down compared to year in 2015. Some of it can probably be attributed to users building better quality PBNs as per our (and many other experts’) recommendations.

We have some exciting things planned for 2017 and we can’t wait to show them to you!