Monthly Archives: November 2017

Easy Blog Networks System Update #23

There have been some major changes since our last system update post. The primary one that helps the most users is the new easy theme editing option. We have also been improving the security of the platform and the blogs.

  • Easy theme editing.
  • Blocking malware domains.
  • User Survey 2017 – we learned a lot about our users and their common frustrations, changing our development roadmap accordingly.
  • Domain field validator – we’ve improved the error reporting of the domain field when adding a new blog.
  • Updating login security – preventing legitimate users from being blocked (ongoing)
  • Blacklisting themes: we’ve seen a few blogs with active malware themes (impacting only the blogs where they were installed) that we removed and blacklisted.

Yashar Ghaffarloo has done another security audit for EBN. At the time of writing all found vulnerabilities have already been fixed. EBN is still the only PBN hosting platform that does regular third-party audits.

In the coming few weeks we’ll be focusing on adding a backup payment provider and an update to Mailboxes.