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Dejan is co-founder and project manager of Easy Blog Networks.

Restore sites directly into EBN!

One major annoyance for some EBN users has been the inability to easily restore sites from into their EBN account. But with the help from people at Wayback Machine Downloader that has now been resolved!

Wayback Machine Downloader offers easy restoration from of any website into your EBN account. And they’re offering a special 15% discount for all EBN users!

You can find the link to Wayback Machine Downloader discounted plans in the EBN app sidebar.

To order EBN-compatible files and install them to your EBN blog, follow the instructions on their website.




Easy Blog Networks System Update #23

There have been some major changes since our last system update post. The primary one that helps the most users is the new easy theme editing option. We have also been improving the security of the platform and the blogs.

  • Easy theme editing.
  • Blocking malware domains.
  • User Survey 2017 – we learned a lot about our users and their common frustrations, changing our development roadmap accordingly.
  • Domain field validator – we’ve improved the error reporting of the domain field when adding a new blog.
  • Updating login security – preventing legitimate users from being blocked (ongoing)
  • Blacklisting themes: we’ve seen a few blogs with active malware themes (impacting only the blogs where they were installed) that we removed and blacklisted.

Yashar Ghaffarloo has done another security audit for EBN. At the time of writing all found vulnerabilities have already been fixed. EBN is still the only PBN hosting platform that does regular third-party audits.

In the coming few weeks we’ll be focusing on adding a backup payment provider and an update to Mailboxes.

EBN is now blocking malware domains

As another step toward better platform security, we’ve just added a new feature that removes and disallows adding of malware domains, listed by Malware domains are domains with a history of being used to propagate malware and spyware on the internet.

This greatly improves the safety and neighborhood of existing blogs on EBN.

This is the error you will see if the domain is listed in their database:

In the majority of cases, this is an issue of the previous owner so you will need to request removal from the database. You can do that by contacting them here.

We’ve also added this information to our Help Center article.

2017 Survey – Getting to know our users

Easy Blog Networks has been online for almost three years and we’re sure you know a lot about how we work and who we are. But we know very little about you, our users, and we’d like to change that!

To make EBN even better in the coming months and years, we’d like to know who you are, what kind of business you run and what you (don’t) like in EBN.

As a big thank you, three respondents will receive $300 in credits for their EBN subscription!

The survey takes just 2-3 minutes.

Start the survey here »


  • The results of the survey will only be kept for our internal purposes for improving EBN as a service.
  • For transparency reasons, we will ask the winners to post in our Facebook group announcement.
  • To qualify you cannot skip questions and need to be a paying user for 30 days.
  • Survey closes on 31st August. [UPDATE: Survey will close on the 28th due to overwhelming response. Thank you!]














Easy Blog Networks System Update #22

It’s been some time since we last posted, but behind the scenes, we’ve been doing some reorganizing and, of course, keeping the system updated and maintained.

EBN has grown a lot in the last year and we’ve been having some trouble pushing new feature updates as fast as we’d like. This is why we decided at our last company meetup to try out Scrum methodology for development, and we’re already seeing initial results. We are now back on track towards developing some of the more requested features.

Major Features Planned for This Year

  • Subaccounts – If you have staff that helps you manage your PBNs inside EBN but don’t want to give them full access. You will be able to give them access to an EBN account without giving away passwords to your blogs.
  • Mailbox – Mailbox is up for a big update. Sorting, automatic purging and archiving are coming in the update.

Maintenance Done in The Last Quarter

  • Indexation Check updates – We’ve launched this in April but we did a lot of updates since to decrease the number of false positives and sync issues between Indexation Check and EBN.
  • Removing unstable providers – Even with our due diligence, some poor performing hosts still got into the system. We removed most of those and are keeping a close eye on others.
  • Improvements to servers maintenance – We’ve done a lot of additional updates to automate a lot of maintenance so as to keep the potential downtime as short as possible.

Got an idea? Post it on our Feedback page!

If there are features you’re still missing, please check our Feedback page. You can also vote there for existing ideas from other users.